• Raw Kale Powder made from Organic Kale

    New York Naturals

  • Each 1/2 pound bag contains at least 2.5 pounds of fresh organic kale. A great base for smoothies and shakes. No preservatives or additives, just dried kale! 

    The powder made from organic kale is quite a bit more expensive than our regular kale powder because the regular kale powder is produced as a by-product of our chip production. The organic kale is used only for powder and other special products. 

    This powder is made by us from fresh kale and is generally shipped no more than a week after being made. We use no imported kale or powder. All of our organic kale currently comes from the Homestead Farm in Millington, MD.

    Looking for Soylent Green? Add some of this to your Soylent. Then your Soylent will be Green.

    Heads-up: Shipping requires up to one week.   

    Ingredients: Organic Kale

    Allergen information: This product is made in a facility that processes nuts and soy. 

    Warning: Do not eat desiccant packs. They actually are completely non toxic, but they are hard to chew and don't taste nice.

  • $14.00

  • Raw Kale Powder made from Organic Kale
  • Raw Kale Powder made from Organic Kale
  • Raw Kale Powder made from Organic Kale

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